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Is your pet scared of fireworks?

Fear of fireworks doesn’t get better on its own – in fact it is likely to get worse over time and lead to other behaviour problems. Behaviour therapy (including noise desensitisation) is generally very successful at changing the response to fireworks and other loud noises, but the earlier you seek help, the better the outcome is likely to be.

What to do straight away!

Provide a den or hiding place – animals naturally hide when they are scared and it can help to provide a ‘safe place’ which they can squeeze into, like an under stairs cupboard or an indoor kennel with blankets over the top and inside. An ideal place is somewhere near the centre of the house, or where they have previously hidden.

Muffle the sound of fireworks – close curtains, shut outside doors and windows, and have your pet as near to the centre of the house as possible. Put on the TV or radio to mask the bangs.

Keep them inside – don’t let pets outside when fireworks are likely or during a display close cat flaps. Take dogs out for toilet purposes before it gets dark and then keep them in. A firework going off when they are outside can lead to fear of going out.

Don’t over-fuss them – this can be difficult, but id they rely on you for comfort during scary events, they will be less able to cope when you are not at home and make matters worse in the long-term.

Stay calm yourself – most pets can sense when their owners are worried, and this increases their stress. Let them hide and leave them until the fireworks have finished and they come out. You can give your pets lots of fuss once they emerge.

Don’t get angry – although your pet’s behaviour may be annoying, it is happening because they are scared and getting cross will only make them worse. Don’t try and take your pet out of its hiding place – this increases their stress and could lead to aggression.

Prepare for unusual behaviour – fear can make your pet behave out of character. For example, if they anticipate that going into the garden predicts a loud noise, they may hide or show aggression to avoid going outside.

Talk to our vets or nurses – they can advise short-term measures which may include medications such as Calmex, Zylkene www.zylkene.co.uk or Adaptil www.adaptil.com, particularly if they don’t settle but pace around in distress. This will help reduce your pet’s stress during upcoming fireworks events and help prevent their fears becoming worse.

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