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Vet FAQs


From what age shall I get my puppy/kitten vaccinated?
Most vaccines are started 6-8 weeks old.  Following this a second vaccine is needed after 10 weeks of age.  This second vaccine is very important to overcome the natural antibodies given by the mum and is the main provider of long term immunity.

How often should I worm my puppy/kitten?
Both puppies and kittens will have worms passed to them from their mum.  Many of these worms will lie dormant in the lining of the intestine and hatch periodically.  We recommend worming every two weeks.

How often should I worm my animal?
Most wormers are excreted from the body within three days.  None of the wormers currently on the market provide long term protection and we recommend worming monthly during Spring and Autumn, and every two months during Winter and Summer.

What is the best flea treatment?
There are many good flea treatments on the market but it is vitally important that you spray your house and animals’ bedding with a good insecticide designed to eliminate flea larvae.

Can I get flea and worming treatments from non-veterinary suppliers?
Yes, many of the pharmacies provide these treatments however, we would advise caution here as safety of all treatments are based on healthy animals and suitability for your animal should always be checked with your veterinary surgeon.

At what age should I get my bitch spayed?
We recommend neutering before the first ‘season’ but there are still many benefits from neutering between the first and second ‘season’.

How often will my dog come into season?
Most dogs come into season every six months but there is huge variation between breeds.

How often does my cat come into season?
Cats are seasonally polyoestrus which means they will come in and out of season between March and September.

When should I get my cat spayed?
Cats can be spayed at five months of age.

At what age should I castrate?
Cats and dogs can be castrated from five months of age.